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Bar Code

Information for asset tracking/inventory control, data management, or time and attendance of employees and/or students can easily be captured through bar coding. Many systems require a specific bar code. Diversified Services offers 3 types of codes: Code 39, Interleave 2 of 5 code, and Codabar. These codes can be visible or infrared. Diversified Services applies bar code technology to cards (PVC and polyester), inserts (Teslin), and adhesive labels (white or red). These products can be used with various types of readers (wand, swipe or insert) and are compatible with many systems (Kronos, Cincinnati, Federal APD, Amano, Infotronics, Northern Computers, ICI, etc.). For added security we offer options on these cards:

  • Security patch (black or red)
  • Facility codes
  • Numbering (sequential or non-sequential)
  • Coated overlay



Let Diversified help you determine what bar code your reader supports and the kind of data you want to bar code:

Types of codes:

  • Code 39:

This code offers a very low error (misread) rate. It is reasonably compact, flexible, and is the best all around choice for most. The code is maximum of 43 characters long, and can consist of numbers (0-9), uppercase letters (A-Z), punctuation characters (space, $, %, ., /, +, -). Density can vary from .75-9.4 characters per inch (c.p.i.).

  • Interleave 2 of 5:

This code is used for numeric data only and uses minimal label space for even-number-of digit code for variable data length. This is a great choice for industrial or warehousing applications.

  • Codabar:

This bar code is common to many library systems and packaging industries. Character sets include numbers (0-9), punctuation characters (+, ., -, /, :, $) and symbols (a, b, c, d, t, n, *, e) as stop and start characters. This code is quite versatile and allows for variable data length. Use of this code allows for extremely low error rate.